“I work with special needs children that are challenged in their ability to move, learn, and connect. I help them overcome their limitations allowing for breakthroughs in movement, learning, and connection with others.” -Mauricio Herrador


A child’s brain, regardless of its limitations and challenges, is always prime territory for making new neural connections. The science of neuroplasticity has demonstrated time and again that the brain is plastic, or that it can change, for the better. We need only to feed it with meaningful information in its relevant functional context; for the brain to learn and perform a function well, it needs to gather all the little pieces of the puzzle. A typical baby learns to roll onto her belly before learning to crawl, crawl before learning to stand, stand before learning to take her first step, and so on, each milestone requiring a great deal of playful exploration, practice, and experimentation in variation before achieving the next approximation. Miss a link and the result is merely a semblance of mature walking. We now know through experience and the neuroplastic sciences, given the opportunity and loving attention that the brain of a child with special needs makes approximations as well, on its own time. 

 Mauricio uses the Anat Baniel Method® of NeuroMovement® (Based on the Feldenkrais Method®) and its Nine Essentials to help children with special needs and their families to discover the seemingly surprising possibilities available to them replacing doubt and frustration with hope. It is Mauricio's philosophy that to help a child with special needs overcome their challenges one needs to take into serious consideration the wellness of the parents and family as well. The old African proverb "It takes a village to raise a child" is an inspiration for the model of service that Mauricio likes to offer Special Needs families, where their relationships with the child, themselves and their community are an intrinsic factor of the collective support that nurtures the child's potential. In a nutshell, this means that attention to the parent's wellbeing is equally important as working with the child. He does this by teaming up with a Health Coach with an extensive understanding of family health and its challenges, available to consult with parents upon request.




Photo by Rodolfo Mari