Mauricio has worked in the Physical Rehabilitation field for 20 years as a Physical Therapist Assistant, presently maintaining licenses in California and the State of Washington. His experience exposed him to the pain, frustration, and confusion his patients commonly endured. After a ski accident in 1999, leading to knee surgery in 2001 Mauricio was beset with the same. The surgeon that performed the prescribed ACL Reconstruction and medial meniscus removal of his right knee guaranteed him he'd need a knee replacement in 10 to 12 years.

Prior to his ski accident Mauricio had taken a couple of trips to the Pacific North West in the late '90s and fell in love with the great outdoors of Washington State. A few months after his knee surgery, feeling confident of its success he left New Jersey with the dream to explore and ski in the Cascade and Olympic Mountains. He joined the Mountaineers Club and climbed Mount Rainier, Mount Baker, Mt. Shuksan, Mt Adams, became a ski patroller, spent many days backpacking in the Cascade and Olympic Mountains. Mauricio's dream had become a reality. Yet, disabling pain was beginning to creep in slowly, and Mauricio felt it was all starting to fall apart. A knee replacement at his age was out of the question, and he began to research and explore alternative methods of rehabilitating his knee.

After a couple of years of search, he discovered and experienced the Anat Baniel Method and decided to get trained in it, starting in 2013, in San Rafael, CA. "After a few months, I began to notice delightful, spontaneous changes in the way I moved as my body awareness increased. I felt my right leg become mine again." As his proprioception (body mapping in the brain) and body mechanics started to improve the frequency and intensity of his pain began to wane.

"There is a definite paradox in my ABM NeuroMovement based solution to my orthopedic problem that defies all conventional wisdom. Who would have thought that the solution could only come from a reorganization in my brain." - MH

At present his knee, in spite of being bone-on-bone, is seldom painful. Skiing and backpacking continue to be Mauricio's favorite. Also, 18 years after his ACL reconstruction surgery he feels he might never need the knee replacement his surgeon promised him. Presently in his private practice as an ABM® NeuroMovement® Practitioner, his vision is to help those with orthopedic issues understand that without the necessary behavioral changes achieved by positive brain reorganization (positive brain plasticity) no great surgery or mechanical modality will suffice.

"NeuroMovement® is not a ‘fix’ but rather a learning path of continuous functional improvement via improved proprioception. It became a life changer for me just when I thought my life was on the decline. I am excited and eager to share my experience and skills in guiding those seeking to overcome their pain and physical limitations, and put health in the service of the life of their dreams!" -MH

Mauricio seriously questions our conventional wisdom that knee and hip osteoarthritis is a progressive disease. "If the condition continues to worsen, it is most likely because we keep using our bodies in the same way that might have caused its onset," he reports. He firmly believes that osteoarthritis is not a consequence of the aging process (click on this LINK for interesting Harvard University article) or even obesity, but of poor body usage induced by the comforts and/or demands of our western industrialised lifestyle.

Overnight Ski Touring Colchuck Couloir, WA

Overnight Ski Touring Colchuck Couloir, WA

Ski Touring on Mt. Adams, WA

Ski Patrolling at Mission Ridge, WA

Ski Patrolling at Mission Ridge, WA