Mauricio has worked in the field of Physical Rehabilitation for twenty years as a Physical Therapist Assistant. Through his work, he has been exposed daily to the needs, frustrations, confusion and at times shame that plagues those he works with who are experiencing pain and functional limitations due to trauma, surgery, stroke, spinal cord injury, aging, and cancer. He has changed his approach and chosen to use the Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement® to help those populations since becoming certified in 2015.

Mauricio discovered NeuroMovement® after many years of battling with persisting pain after surgery for a torn ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) and medial meniscus removal in 2001. His surgeon's prognosis of the inevitable need for a Total Knee Replacement (TKR) in a not too distant future were big motivators for Mauricio's urgency in researching alternative methods for rehabilitating his knee.

Though the surgery was successful, and therapy strengthened his knee his pain persisted. In 2013, as Mauricio started learning and training in ABM®, he began to notice subtle changes in the way he moved as his body awareness increased: "I felt my right leg become mine again (=remapping the body in the brain). The frequency and intensity of his pain started to wane.

"There is a definite inconsistency in my NeuroMovement based solution to my orthopedic problem via the direct engagement of my brain and nervous system, simply through closer attention to my movement, that defies all conventional wisdom!"

- Mauricio Herrador

At present his knee, in spite of being bone-on-bone, is seldom painful and he has returned to his favorite activities: running, hiking, backpacking, and skiing, and feels confident that the "inevitable" knee replacement his surgeon promised him seventeen years ago might never be needed at all. We can easily say that Mauricio is what by western medicine's standards would be known as a "medical anomaly," but through his experience of ABM as personal practice or delivery to his clients, he knows that "anomaly" is in everybody's reach.

"NeuroMovement® is not a "fix" but rather a learning path of continuous functional improvement. It became a life changer for me just when I thought my life was on the decline. I am excited and eager to share my experience and skills in guiding those seeking to overcome their pain and physical limitations, and put health in the service of the life of their dreams!" -Mauricio Herrador

Mauricio, entertaining his winged companion (probably 1958).

Dragontail Peak, WA (May 2005).

Dragontail Peak, WA (May 2005).

Spring back-country skiing on Colchuck Peak, WA (May 2007).