Neuromovement® for the enrichment of the aging process


Mauricio has worked extensively with the elderly population, first for 20 years in the field of Physical Therapy and now as a NeuroMovement® Practitioner. He understands his clients' need for improving their quality of life and maintaining their independence and dignity. For those with increased dependence, he understands their children and loving families' need for peace of mind and the confidence that they are in good and safe health providers' hands. His experience informs him that through the gentle approach of NeuroMovement® with its understanding of the ability of the brain to change at any age, and his keen attention to their comfort and safety his clients can achieve:

  • reduced pain

  • improved freedom of movement

  • increased self confidence and functional independence

  • Improved balance and the much increased willingness to enjoy it by being more active on their feet

  • increased vitality and improved quality of life

photo by Mohammad Bagher Adib Behrooz

photo by Mohammad Bagher Adib Behrooz

We are already living longer...let's live better!


Available for home visits

(Photo by Meg Storey)

The Santa Cruz Mountains, CA

The Santa Cruz Mountains, CA