thriving after stroke

 "I work with stroke survivors that want to continue to learn and thrive but are feeling they are stuck. I support them in overcoming their limitations and transforming their lives." -MAURICIO HERRADOR

Thriving after a Cerebral Vascular Accident or Stroke can be extremely challenging. The main reason for that is that we mistakingly think of "recovery" or restoration of skill as the goal. That is not possible because the damage caused to brain cells by a stroke is irreversible. What is possible is the gradual differentiation and reconnection of remaining healthy cells to "re-create" a skill anew. In other words we can teach healthy cells new skills, or what is known as positive neuroplasticity. Furthermore, it is commonly believed that rehabilitation is only successful within a brief window of opportunity limited to a few months after a stroke, an old assumption refuted by the brain-plasticity sciences.

In supporting his stroke survivor clients, Mauricio relies on his proficiency in the use of the Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® and his 20 years experience as a Physical Therapist Assistant. This modality harmonizes with the current neuroplastic principles directly with its unique, gentle, individualized approach, and inherent capacity to drive positive neurological change. He adds to the mix his understanding that no two survivors, or humans in general, are precisely alike, essential insight in helping his clients bring about the results that will lead them on the path to a new and joyful life.

Have you been told or believe that you’ve reached a “plateau” with your stroke rehab?

Recommended reading

Body Awareness as Healing Therapy: The Case of Nora, by Moshé Feldenkrais


"Three months after my stroke I started working with Mauricio. We did daily sessions for five days in a row, and after the third session, I noticed I was able to roll in bed at night, and I didn’t have to wake up my caregiver to help me with that. After the fourth session, I was able to use my right hand to feed myself and to write my name. What I appreciate the most was that the pain in my shoulder and tension around my neck were reduced significantly. Now when I tense up again, I know how to let it go and relax."

Mary Gonzales, Corte Madera, CA

"I worked with Mauricio twice daily for four days straight, as he suggested. After the fourth lesson I was able to feel my toes and right foot, which I hadn’t felt in twelve years since my stroke. As a consequence of being able to feel the floor under that foot my balance felt much improved…"

Jeanne Elling, Ahwahanee, CA